A brave pen soldier Mohammad Mubin Khan

A brave pen soldier Mohammad Mubin Khan
Mohammad Mubin Khan

A brave pen soldier Mohammad Mubin Khan. He started his journey in journalism with his love for the country from his student life. He started journalism by reporting on various problems of rural people.
He highlighted the masses by regularly discussing various activities in the country online and offline. He has been campaigning at home and abroad for a long time to ensure full freedom of the media.

Mohammad Mubin Khan was born on 3 March 1999 in Kornigram of Rajnagar Upazila in Moulvibazar district, the tea capital of Bangladesh. After completing his primary and secondary education, he started writing as well as studying.

In 2016, he got the opportunity to work in various local media. Later, in 2017, the national daily published from Dhaka “Amader Notun Somoy‘ Rajnagar correspondent and Daily Sylhet’s Moulvibazar district correspondent worked for a long time. In 2018, the Daily Sylhet Mirror was published from Sylhet. There he got the opportunity to advance in journalism by working as a Rajnagar correspondent from the beginning and after a few months as a district correspondent of Moulvibazar.
Later he worked as the district correspondent of Moulvibazar of the national Daily Ganakantha published from Dhaka in 2019.

He did not just advance himself in journalism. He started a campaign for full freedom of the media and free media in different parts of the world including Bangladesh. In 2019, he spoke at various seminars in India in a strong voice for media freedom. Later on, he continued to work to ensure full freedom of media in Bangladesh as well as in various countries including Qatar, Middle East, Europe, Malta, and Spain.

He has been the Central Office Secretary since the inception of the Campaign for Media Freedom to speak out against persecuted journalists around the world and to provide journalists with the freedom to gather information and present news.

The young pen soldier is currently working as the News Editor of Bangladeshi online media AsiaBD24.com, published from the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

He has written and published extensively on improving the living standards of tea workers in his area.
He wrote about the plight of the neglected people in the rural areas of Bangladesh and brought it to the notice of the concerned authorities. He stood by the people of the flood-hit area.

Mohammad Mubin Khan is a living example for Bangladeshi rural journalists.

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